Batteries and Projection Bulbs


CPS offers a marketplace contract for Batteries and Projection Bulbs

Marketplace Contract

CPS Regional Marketplace Contracts allow public procurement units the opportunity to utilize exclusive agreements which are bid compliant and offer competitive pricing for both products and services. CPS has partnered with Batteries+ Bulbs to offer a battery and projection bulb procurement program.


Program Products

      - Laptop Batteries

      - Emergency Lighting Batteries

      - AED Batteries 

      - Vehicle Batteries

      - General Purpose Batteries and many more...  

      - Projection Bulbs

Contract Information

      Pricing:  Negotiated pricing is available on our online catalog via B2B site or CPS shopping page.

      Support: Local technical and customer support backed by the resources of a national company.

      Delivery: Free, just-in-time shipping on all orders over $50

Contract Number

      IU13 - 008-022

      Please reference the contract number on all orders to ensure proper discount

To Place an Order

      Phone: (717) 393-2200


      Online Catalog: B2B

      CPS Marketplace: click here

To request additional information or to participate in this program, please contact: .