Everything you need, all in one place…

As part of IU13, Collaborative Purchasing Solutions (CPS) leverages their expertise to meet the demands of twenty first century purchasing practices in one centralized hub. Whether you are looking for quantity-based bidding or just-in-time ordering and delivery, CPS can offer you a flexible and innovative solution that best fits your demands.

The CPS website contains a depository of bid compliant and lead agency awarded contracts and bids that all Pennsylvania Public Procurement Units can utilize. There are no fees or enrollment processes needed to access, review and participate in these contracts. To utilize a contract, just reference the contract number or promo code on the contract summary page when placing an order.

Additionally, CPS offers an online shopping site where you can browse, get quotes, create carts and shop vendor catalogs. These vendors are all bid compliant and contain the CPS pricing. There are no fees but you must enroll and get a password to enter the site.

Remember, CPS does all the legwork for you, allowing you to:

  • Realize savings in the costs of preparing bid specifications and advertising.
  • Obtain lower unit costs by participating in the volume leveraged programs.
  • Ensure reliable and quality consistent products.
  • Implement technologies which streamline your purchasing processes.