Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in Collaborative Purchasing Solutions (CPS)?

As long as your organization is categorized under one of the classes below, you are eligible to participate and take advantage of the thousands of products offered.

Who can participate?

Public School Districts
Private Schools
Charter Schools
Governmental Agencies
Non-profit Organizations
State Universities
State Colleges

What Products and Services are offered?

CPS strives to meet the needs of your agency by providing solutions and products at the tip of your finger tips to save you time and money without the hassle of conducting your own bids. 

The categories you will find offered are:

  •  Art Supplies
  •  Assistive Technology Equipment
  •  Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies
  •  Automotive Equipment and Supplies
  • Cafeteria and Smallwares Supplies
  •  Classroom Supplies
  • Computers
  • Copy Paper
  • Cosmetology Equipment and Supplies
  • Custodial Supplies and Equipment
  • Energy Services (Electricity, Bulk Fuel, Natural Gas)
  • Energy Services for residents (Electricity and Natural Gas)
  • Food
  • Library Equipment and Supplies
  • Medical and Athletic Trainer Supplies
  • Musical Instruments and Sheet Music
  • Office Supplies
  • Medical and Athletic Trainer Supplies
  • Science Equipment and Supplies
  • Special Education Equipment and Supplies
  • Technology Education Supplies
  • Testing Materials
  • Technology Education Supplies (lumber, metal, etc.)
How much do I have to pay to participate?

Participation is absolutely FREE. It’s as simple as signing up and registering. To do so Click Here.

Must my organization reside in Pennsylvania to utilize CPS?

No it does not. 

CPS follows The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Procurement Code. It is best to verify your state allows purchasing contracts bid and / or negotiated in Pennsylvania.

Why choose CPS?

CPS was created by a Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit to provide schools and governmental agencies with a valuable free resource to save money, share ideas, and collaborate. CPS offers a one stop, competitive procurement solution. We welcome you to join our network and work together to achieve our common goals.

Does CPS comply with my purchasing compliance standards?

CPS follows The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Procurement Code and Federal UG Regulations. All contracts are either competitively bid or negotiated under these guidelines. Before making a purchase ensure these standards comply with your requirements.

What is the difference between Line item Bids, Catalog Discount Bids and Marketplace Contracts?

Line Item Bids

Quantity based bidding is available for all to participate. The seven line item categories include:

  • Athletic Trainer / Medical Supplies 
  • Cafeteria Paper and Small Wares Supplies 
  • Copy Paper
  • Custodial Supplies 
  • Instructional Art Supplies 
  • Instructional Classroom Supplies 
  • Technology Education Supplies 

Line item vendors have the option to make their awarded bids piggybackable and available in the online store. However, there is a chance not all awarded items will have this option. 

For a schedule of the bidding cycle and more information on how you can get started, please reach out to one of the CPS contacts. 

Catalog Bids

CPS facilitates and manages the process for bi-yearly bids which are awarded to various vendors for use of their catalog at discounted prices. Bids are awarded by the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Board of School Directors, and can be utilized by any public procurement agency. 

Visit the Contract section today to explore all the different product offerings available through these contracts.

Marketplace Programs

Our Regional Contracts allow school districts and procurement units the opportunity to utilize exclusive agreements to purchase products and services. These contracts are available to all utilize a negotiated price structure ensures quality product at competitive prices 

Just-in-time delivery allows ordering as needed, reducing costs associated with warehousing or obsolescence.

No need to shop multiple vendors. Program is bid compliant.

Free to participate, no strings attached

How can vendors participate in CPS?

Bid and RFP opportunities for the CPS Program are announced and listed on the main Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 web site under the Bids and RFP tabs. For additional information concerning vendor participation, please click here.