"Just started to take advantage of the Lamp Procurement and Recycling Program. In comparison with other vendors’ bid pricing or other cooperative programs, the IU’s program beat them all! Great, competitive pricing!"

- Ilene Schenkel, Purchasing Manager, School District of Lancaster

“The Custodial and Maintenance Workshop is worth its weight in gold, the staff enjoys it immensely”.

- Denis Deslongchamp, Facility Management Manager, Harrisburg Area Community College -Lebanon Campus

“The IU13 program has streamlined our ordering process, product delivery is 3-5x faster than our local supply houses and it has saved our district a lot of money over the last year. We are lucky to have this great partnership available to us”.

- Michael Wetzel, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Brandywine Heights Area School District

“We have worked for many years with the program and staff of Office Basics. They have always been friendly and  accommodating with any request that we may need. Delivery and satisfaction is achieved in a very timely manner”.

- Brenda Grager, Purchasing, Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

“There is finally a way to conduct school business like a corporate business, competitive, fair, and the products I want. This program is a long overdue welcome change!”

 “The difference between this program and the way we have always done business in the past is the difference between night and day”

- John Przychodzien, Facilities Supervisor, Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

"Recycling fluorescent tubes has never been easier or as cost effective as the IU13 Program! THANK YOU!"

- Denis Deslongchamp, Facility Management Manager, Harrisburg Area Community College -Lebanon Campus.